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Adventures in food for curious cooks.


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Classic Queso Fundido with Roasted Poblanos

Lynley Jones

Melty, gooey cheese, with roasted poblanos. Scooped into a warm tortilla and topped with salsa and other goodies, you can think of queso fundido as a vegetarian taco option (but it’s more likely you’ll just think of it as heaven).

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Barbacoa Tacos

Lynley Jones

Classic Mexican shredded meat, slow steam-roasted until it's falling off the bone for one of the best tacos you will ever have. Served with its own braising juices as a soup. Made here with lamb (see notes for substitutions). 

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Sonoran Beef Casserole

Lynley Jones

A simple ground beef and macaroni casserole Infused with the flavors of the Sonoran Desert, topped with melty cheese and the crunch of breadcrumbs. 

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