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About Adventure Kitchen

Culinary adventures for curious cooks of every age.

About Me: Lynley Jones

Lynley Jones

Hi there! I'm Lynley Jones, the creator of Adventure Kitchen. I'm a curious cook, writer and mom who likes to travel and learn, and bring people together over food. Based in Montclair, New Jersey, I love sharing new discoveries with anyone polite enough to feign interest, especially the visitors to this website and the adults and children in my cooking classes.

Adventure Kitchen

I created Adventure Kitchen to be a website for curious cooks (like me!) of every age. I share new recipes each week, plus I have fun creating quirky recipe series such as People Like PieWhy Did the Chicken Cross the Globe? and A Series of Unfortunate Recipes (based on the Lemony Snicket books and Netflix series).

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My first class, How to Make Perfect Pie Crust Like a Boss was ranked in the top 1% of the thousands of classes on the platform in the first month. I'll be releasing more classes in the coming weeks and months, so follow me to learn more.

Summer Camp 2017: Choose Your Own Adventure

In summer 2017, local kids ages 8-14 can choose from one of these totally unique culinary summer camp adventures: Culinary Adventure Tour, Party-Palooza Cooking Camp, or Unfortunate Cooking Camp.

Events and More

We hold an annual Bake Sale for Hunger Relief, plus farmers' market events, tastings, and more. 


Adventure Kitchen and I have been featured on NPR's food blog The Salt, the Montclair Local and the Montclair Times.

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Adventure Kitchen Philosophy:

Food Is a Doorway to Humanity.

Every single human eats food.  Every one of us is equally refreshed by a cool sip and nourished by a warm bowl. Since the dawn of civilization, food - acquiring it, preparing it, serving it - has been one of the central activities of human culture.

So, when we explore food and cooking, we open a pathway to connect with people around the world, throughout history, and in our own homes. What could be better than that?

Cooking Is for Kids and Everyone.

When we cook, we appreciate food more. When kids learn the stories of the real people behind the food, and how hard good food can be to come by, they value food more.  Kids learn how things like geography, warfare, sunshine and human exploration affect the foods people eat.  They learn how much hard work is behind the good food we have to eat, and how great it is to enjoy each delicious bite.

When we cook, we understand food better. It's unrealistic to expect children (or adults, for that matter) to like every single food that's offered to them.  But when kids understand food preparation, they are better able to politely articulate which foods they enjoy and which they don't, and to understand why.  Perhaps they enjoy broccoli when it's sautéed in butter, but not when it's steamed.  Or perhaps they realize a particular dish is bland because it needs more salt.  Instead of rejecting foods with simplistic terms like "yuck!", kids can learn to express themselves positively and build confidence to keep trying new foods.

When we cook, keep our bodies healthier. Kids learn how - and why - to choose whole, natural foods and ingredients.  Kids in our classes play games where they learn how to tell a balanced meal from a junky one, and how to tell which ingredients are from nature and which are from factories.  We don't get preachy - we just help kids learn to use their own good, common sense to make choices that help them feel good and grow into the fun, healthy grownups they want to become.

When we cook, we bring people together. Food, cooking and eating are things kids and grownups have in common.  Older kids work alongside younger kids, parents and grandparents alongside the kids.  We spend time talking, laughing, and working together toward a common goal.  Sometimes kids want to be in charge and cook something on their own, and sometimes they want to be part of a group effort.  Either way, kids develop confidence and learn to organize their thinking and the movement of their bodies based on what works and doesn't work.