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Welcome to Mostly Plants

Mostly Plants Series

How to use whatever produce you find at your farmers market or CSA. Roots to leaves and flowers, here's how to cook with what you've got.

Welcome to Mostly Plants

Lynley Jones

Ideas for plant-based cooking, tips and advice on farmers market shopping, cooking seasonally, and more. Learn more here.

Inspired by the best and simplest advice for good eating:

"Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants." - Michael Pollan

Ga-Lette’s Make Something Nice

Fruit tarts and galettes

You can’t Beet This

(I beet you’re getting tired of beet puns)

All Your End-of-Summer Produce In One Dish

A traditional Mexican casserole

Cooking With Those Gorgeous Greens

Hey, it's like two vegetables in one!

How (and Why) to Make Tostadas

A tasty party-salad on an edible plate


If your peaches are less than perfect, you might be able to save them!

A Mostly Plants Taco Party that Totally rocks

Summer veggie tacos, kohlrabi salsa cruda, Mexican crema, all the sides, and how to handle all those tortillas

these 3 Citrus-Ades Can Be the Life of the Party

Be the all-natural hero in your family by making your own dang drinks this summer.


There's nothing like a perfectly ripe, perfectly in-season tomato.

Summertime (e)Scapes

What to do with garlic scapes, the green flower stalks of garlic that you find at farmer's markets.

Summer Salads

Keep cool with a classic, all-purpose vinaigrette and an addictive kale salad.

Meeting the Farmers Behind the Markets

Chat up a farmer, and get a great story.


Why complicate things?


Flowers on the brain, and on the plate.

There's More to Broccoli

Broccoli leaves, stems and flowers, as well as the florets.

All the Mostly Plants recipes: 

Why Mostly Plants?