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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

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Adventures in food for curious cooks

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My original spice blends combine unique ingredients to spice up your cooking with something different. And we also have personalized aprons! Everything is responsibly sourced, high quality and made with love. And best of all, 10% of profits from Adventure Kitchen products are donated to food-related charities! :) Shop the Store here.... 

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Not sure what to get them? We have gift cards! May be used on anything in the Adventure Kitchen store, as well as summer camp, live (in-person) classes and parties. 

Here’s What Happened In Summer Camp This Year

For kids ages 5-17 in the Montclair, NJ area. We bring the cooking adventure to your party. Reserve your date, and get ready to party.

My first-ever online cooking class: How to Make Perfect Pie Crust Like a Boss, on Skillshare! Work at your own pace on any device, right in your own kitchen, and share progress and pics in the group Discussion board. Rated in the top 1% of classes on the platform in the first week! Get all the details here.

Hi there! I'm Lynley Jones, the creator of Adventure Kitchen. I'm a curious cook, writer and mom and I created Adventure Kitchen for curious cooks and eaters of every age. I share new recipes each week, create the spice blends in our Store, lead summer camp, and I have fun creating quirky recipe series such as Why Did the Chicken Cross the Globe? and A Series of Unfortunate Recipes (based on the Lemony Snicket books and Netflix series).

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