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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Welcome to the Adventure

Adventures in food for curious cooks

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“…Adventure Kitchen: this Montclair business’s Allepo pepper spice is used in the Brussel's sprouts salad at Allegory; the Sumac and Sage is used in the chicken tagine….”

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101 Ways to Use Our Sumac and Sage Blend

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Alert: Spice Pops Have Gone Into Hibernation

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Aleppo Pepper

Originally from Aleppo, Syria, this pepper is now being grown in neighboring Turkey. Mildly spicy, it’s like a cross between ancho chile and red bell peppers. Addictively good on veggies of all kinds, as well as grilled meats, fish and more.

1/2 cup-sized jar.

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Connoisseur Combo

Two of our best-selling original spice blends packaged together: Mexican Sweet Blend + Sumac and Sage Seasoning Blend. One sweet, one savory. Perfect for the cook who wants something unique. Makes a great gift!

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Heirloom Indian Turmeric

Organically farmed, single-origin, fairly traded, heirloom-variety turmeric, freshly milled within a year of sale.

1/2 cup-sized jar.

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Announcing our donation to Charity:Water

10% of the profits from sales of our spices and other Adventure Kitchen-branded products goes to a food-related charity chosen by the kids in our summer camp each year. Read more here…


Hi there! I'm Lynley Jones, the creator of Adventure Kitchen. I'm a curious cook, writer and mom and I created Adventure Kitchen for curious cooks and eaters of every age. I share new recipes each week, create the spice blends in our Store, lead summer camp, and I have fun creating quirky recipe series such as Why Did the Chicken Cross the Globe? and A Series of Unfortunate Recipes (based on the Lemony Snicket books and Netflix series).

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