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Adventures in food for curious cooks.


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Grilled Peaches with Aleppo-Tequila Honey Sauce

Lynley Jones

Grilled peaches drizzled with a tequila-honey sauce infused with Aleppo pepper and a punch of lime. It’s like a party for your peaches! (And for you, of course.)

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Warm Cinnamon Honey Milk

Lynley Jones

Milk sweetened with a touch of honey and infused with cinnamon, warmed and frothed for a cup of soul-satisfying comfort on a cold day.

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Grilled Nectarines with Basil-Wine Honey and Ricotta Salata

Lynley Jones

White wine-honey sauce is infused with basil, then drizzled over grilled nectarines. Crumbled ricotta salata is then sprinkled on top for a creamy, slightly-salty finish.

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