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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Chicken Soup at Heimlich Hospital

Unfortunate Cooking

Come for the delicious recipes. Stay for the terrible story.

Chicken Soup at Heimlich Hospital

Lynley Jones

This week, we file a recipe under F for Hal's family.

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In many families, certain possessions are passed along through the ages from family member to family member. For example, some people ride a bicycle that once belonged to an older sibling. One of my associates inherited her mother's wedding dress, and chose to wear it to her best friend's bat mitzvah. The man who taught me to dance the watusi had a wooden leg passed down to him from his great uncle, who was a famous trapeze artist.

For Hal, the Librarian of Records at Heimlich Hospital, there were two very precious things passed down in his family. The first was his dedication to paperwork, which he inherited from his Aunt Polly. The second was his recipe for Chicken Soup, which he inherited from his grandfather. 

To my kind Webmaster,

I am writing to you from the charred remains of the Library of Records within the wreckage of a certain hospital of ill repute. Although most of the filing cabinets have been destroyed, I've been able to piece together a few scraps of paper to further my research. Fortunately, Hal's recipe for Chicken Soup had been filed under G for grandfather, just as I expected it would be, and the G filing cabinet was shielded from the worst of the flames because it happened to be lying underneath several other filing cabinets, including the cabinet labeled S for Snicket, which was completely destroyed.

Please post Hal's recipe here, so that he might be able to find it again and file it in his kitchen library under D for delicious.

With all due respect,

Lynley Jones, Proprietress



Feeling Carnivorous

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If you are looking for this book, you should look under U for unnecessary surgery. Or better yet, don't look for this book at all: