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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Back-to-School Recipes


Back-to-School Recipes

Lynley Jones

Here are my favorite recipes for breakfasts to feel good about, lunchbox options, and weeknight dinners you can get on the table without losing your mind.

Feel-Good Breakfasts

Breakfast on a school day should fill you up and feed your brain, without taking forever to make or to clean up. In my book, that means not only things that are quick to make in the morning, but also things you can make ahead and reheat for a quick breakfast through the week. Check out the Notes section in the pancakes and oatmeal recipes for turning the weekend breakfast into quick leftovers through the week.

Lunchbox Favorites

These have all been winners in my house (and at the lunch table at school) over the years. And many of them are also things kids may be able to make themselves. Score!

Weeknight Dinners

These are some of my go-to recipes for getting a weeknight dinner on the table between homework, sports, play rehearsal, carpool, walking the dog, and everything else. Some are quick, others are hands-off, and all are simple. (BTW, I’ve recently been taking Melissa Clark’s advice - slowing down a couple of times a week to cook dinner with a drink in my hand, music on the kitchen speaker, and a votive candle on the table. Give it a shot!)