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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Basic Berry Smoothie


Basic Berry Smoothie

Lynley Jones

Berries, yogurt and milk. Drinkable breakfast or snack.

Serves 2-3


A Basic Berry Smoothie made in the Adventure Kitchen.

1 1/2 cups plain whole-milk yogurt

2 cups mixed frozen berries of your choice

1 ripe banana, peeled

1 cup milk or vanilla soymilk


1. Add the yogurt to a blender, followed by the berries and banana.

2. Turn the blender on and pour in the milk (through the lid). 

3. Blend until thoroughly mixed and the consistency of a milkshake.


If you're using a Vitamix (or other heavy-duty blender), feel free to double this recipe, and throw caution to the wind when blending. You'll be in good shape no matter what you do.

If you're using a normal blender (like me), then there is some finesse to getting everything to blend up nicely:

  • I've found through much trial and error that putting the yogurt in the bottom of the blender, followed by the berries, gives the blender blades a chance to grab onto everything and begin blending.

  • You can also help things by moving quickly; if the berries have a chance to freeze together into a solid block, it will make your life more difficult.

  • Finally, you might notice the blender blades can sometimes make an air pocket in the bottom of your smoothie. If the blender is whirring along but nothing seems to be happening, this is the situation. Turn off the blender and mix things up with a long-handled spoon before turning it back on to try again.

  • Pour the milk in quickly as soon as you turn on the blender.

Cold is key to an awesome smoothie, so frozen fruit is essential. Room-temperature smoothies are just not tasty.

The banana is critical, and the riper the better. It doesn't really impart a banana flavor, but it gives the whole thing a creamy consistency. Also, the sweetness of bananas intensifies as they ripen. So bananas that are turning brown and my seem too ripe for eating are perfect for smoothies.