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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Globe?

Every nation on Earth eats chicken! We went on a world-tour of delicious adventure to find out why, with new chicken recipes and tales of adventure each week.

Our world-wide chicken adventure starts here....

Week 1 - Once Upon A Time in Southeast Asia

Our story begins where the chicken began (or was it the egg?) - in the Philippines, with Chicken Adobo.


Visit Week 1 - Once Upon A Time In Southeast Asia to discover how people first encountered a new feathered friend and why this ancient Filipino dish has a Spanish name.

...and the recipes

Chicken Adobo

Made with ingredients you probably have at home right now, you won't believe how easy it is to make authentic Chicken Adobo.

Adobo Rice Bowls

Use leftover Chicken Adobo to make Adobo Rice Bowls, with Garlicky Brown Rice, spring onions, sauteed spinach and toasted almonds. A great meal-in-a-dish to use all your Adobo leftovers.

Week 2 - The Curry Pot

This week we visit India for some delicious Chicken Curry, from the other end of the chicken's original territory.

The Cooking Adventure...

Visit Week 2 - The Curry Pot for ingredient buying guide, tips on cooking Indian food, and how India's place in the Spice Trade makes this week's recipes so delicious.

...And The Recipes

Mughlai Indian Chicken Curry

A traditional chicken curry from the north of India, made with ginger, turmeric and other spices that have been simmering in Indian dinner pots for thousands of years.

Kerala Chicken Curry (Nadan Kozhi)

Sunday supper in the province of Kerala, this chicken curry is infused with coconut, pepper, curry leaves, and the flavors of the spice route. 

Week 3 - Lucky Chicken

A chicken dinner than brings you luck. And leftovers! What could be better?


Visit Week 3 - Lucky Chicken to find out how to infuse your Chinese dinner with traditional culture and good fortune, along with step-by-step instructions, ingredients, and everything you need.


Chinese 5-Flavor Chicken

Whole chicken poached in a broth of soy sauce, wine and spices, with two ways to serve it. Brings good luck to your new year table, and delicious adventure anytime.

Green Garlic Ramen Bowls

Green garlic and baby bok choy playing with mushrooms and noodles in your leftover Chinese 5-Flavor poaching broth. 

YeYe Noodles

Created by a grandfather and served with love to his grandchildren.

Week 4 - The Chicken and the Egg

Two traditional dishes combine chicken and eggs for love and comfort.

The Cooking Adventure...

Visit Week 4 - The Chicken and the Egg to find out what the fall of Babylon and the demon of laziness have to do with your chicken dinner, why lemon-chicken soup can make you feel better, and how to make and eat a traditional Ethiopian chicken dish.

...and the Recipes

Ethiopian Doro Wat Stew

Combines chickens and eggs in a richly spiced sauce, traditionally eaten on sour injera bread with one's hands. This iconic Ethiopian dish tells young women when they are ready for marriage, and reminds married men to stay faithful to their wives.

Armenian Havaboor Soup

Chicken and rice, nestled in a velvety-rich, creamy lemon-egg soup. Love and warmth in a bowl.


This week we take a quintessentially French approach to chicken. And garlic.


Visit Week 5 - Vive La France for a trip down memory lane to visit France and experience amazingly simple, truly good food.


Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

Succulent chicken bathed in a white wine broth infused with thyme and garlic. Be sure to have lots of crusty French bread nearby to sop up every last drop.

Week 6 - Hello, New World

This week we are entering the Age of Discovery in our own kitchens.

The Cooking Adventure...

...and the Recipe

Visit Week 6 - Hello, New World for the magic of opening our minds and hearts to something completely new.

Photograph by Deborah Guzman-Meyer

Photograph by Deborah Guzman-Meyer

Arroz Con Pollo

Chicken cooked in garlicky, richly seasoned rice. A classic dish from the Dominican Republic.

Week 7 - Chickens In America

Discover where Fried Chicken actually comes from, and how Chicken Soup has been nourishing the American soul from the very beginning.

The Cooking Adventure...

Who are these guys, and what is he feeding him? Find out in Week 7 - Chickens In America. Discover a Chicken Soup story and find out who really invented Fried Chicken.

...And The Recipes

Chicken Noodle Soup

Filled with flavorful chicken, veggies and noodles in a perfectly seasoned broth. 

Chef Jayson's Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Crispy skin and juicy, flavorful meat.

Week 8 - Thoroughly Modern Chickens

We have arrived at the end of our journey across the globe, landing squarely in the middle of modern America.

The Cooking Adventure...

Visit Week 8 - Thoroughly Modern Chickens for the final stop on our global chicken tour: modern America. We have three thoroughly modern recipes from three different cooks, and a peek inside one family's journey to nurture a child's adventurous spirit, one plate at a time.

...and The Recipes

Chicken Sabate

Chicken breasts infused with white wine, garlic, rosemary and cinnamon, in a cherry tomato sauce. A totally sophisticated dish for your next dinner party, that happens to have been created by a child.

Friday Night Apricot Chicken

The sweet nectar of apricots, with a little umami zing. Just about the simplest and most delicious thing you can make - on any night.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Shredded chicken and veggies drizzled with a coconut-peanut sauce, spiked with Sriracha and wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Come aboard!

We're having adventure for dinner, and you're invited! We're making new chicken recipes from a different country each week, and meeting the fascinating people behind every delicious plate.

Learn more about this series...

From Asian traders to Persian kings, Roman soldiers, Spanish conquistadors and Puritan pilgrims, the humble chicken has traveled the world and seen it all.