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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

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Globe-Trotting Chickens and You

Every nation on Earth eats chicken. Join us on a world-tour of delicious cooking adventure to find out more.

Why the Chicken Crossed the Globe

From kings to peasants, modern businesswomen to ancient farmers, all over the world, chicken is a familiar and comfortable food for us all.  Unlike so many other foods, chicken is eaten by nearly everyone, no matter their religion, ethnicity or geography.

How did a rare mutant bird from Southeast Asia become the world's favorite dinner?

People. Just like you and me and everyone else, people traveled and traded, fought wars, made peace and spread religion, all the time putting dinner on the table every single day, for thousands of years. And they brought chickens with them wherever they went.

So the story of chicken is the story of people. It's the story of us.

Join the Cooking Adventure!

So come on, cook with me! We're journeying with the chicken from the tropical Philippines to ancient India and China, through Babylon to Africa and Europe, and crossing oceans to Latin America and finally, the United States. I've got a new chicken recipe for you each week, along with tales of adventure from the people who cooked each one.

Visit the Why Did the Chicken Cross the Globe? homepage to get started.

All aboard!