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Store-bought Mexican Hot Chocolate

Here's how to make hot chocolate from store-bought Mexican chocolate, exactly the way it's made in Mexican kitchens every day.  Bate, bate, chocolate!

This is the way families in Mexico use store-bought "Mexican Chocolate" to make hot chocolate.  Click here for our review of three brands of Mexican chocolate available in stores in the United States.  Or if you'd rather make it from scratch (like we do!), click here for the Adventure Kitchen recipe for Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate.  


4 cups milk (whole milk makes the best froth)

1 thick tablet of Mexican chocolate such as Ibarra

- or -

2 thin tablets of Taza Mexican chocolate

 Mexican Hot Chocolate, shown with a  molinillo

Mexican Hot Chocolate, shown with a molinillo


 Lid askew

Lid askew

1.   Put the milk in a medium-sized pot with the lid askew (slightly crooked).  Heat over medium-low until the milk is steaming hot but not boiling!

2.  While milk is warming, break the round chocolate tablet(s) into small pieces. 

3.  When the milk is steaming hot, add the chocolate.  Use a wire whisk or molinillo to mix them thoroughly into the milk.  

 Using a  molinillo  to whip foam into Mexican Hot Chocolate

Using a molinillo to whip foam into Mexican Hot Chocolate

4.  When you think the chocolate has fully melted into the milk, you are ready to make the froth and serve!  According to Mexican tradition, the spirit of the drink is in the froth, and comes from the person who whipped it.  To give your spirit to the drink, be sure to whip it by hand (not in a blender).  Use a Mexican molinillo or a wire whisk to vigorously whip up the chocolate.  The traditional way to do this is to hold the handle between your hands and spin it quickly back and forth in the chocolate.  If using a wire whisk, you may also create froth by simply whisking vigorously back and forth.  Sing "bate, bate, chocolate!" while you whip up the froth (click to learn more)!

6.  Your Mexican Hot Chocolate is ready!  Ladle it into cups and use a spoon to add some froth to the top of each cup and share your spirit with those you love. 

Have fun!


Some Mexican grandmothers have been known to add whipped egg white to Mexican Hot Chocolate to make lots of long-lasting froth to keep the children happy.