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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Leftovers to the rescue (duh)

Blog: Random Acts of Deliciousness

Recipes and other delicious discoveries, served randomly.

Leftovers to the rescue (duh)

Lynley Jones

Breakfasts of champions (and people like us)

I’m going to get straight to it. Because who’s got time to pussy-foot around? Not me, and probably not you.

I’ve had this new recipe for Mexican Bean Broth Soup in the hopper for quite some time. It’s kind of a go-to around here, using up leftovers that I might have in the fridge or freezer at any given time to whip up something quick and also (importantly!) delicious. Now that it’s got a pretty little photo, it’s finally ready for you. And if you (like me) made a pot of beans on a very cold day last week, this is what you can do with the rest of them.

I’ve also got 7 breakfast recipe ideas for you, that are tailor-made for busy winter mornings when you need to bundle everybody off to wherever with a good breakfast, for the eleventy-umpteenth time this winter, and really don’t need a bunch of dishes to do, thank you very much.

So here we go…

Hot and Fresh:

Breakfast Ideas for the New Year:

Resolution-Friendly Breakfast Recipes:

From my adventurous kitchen to yours,

Stay warm out there!

P.S. If you’re looking for more winter cooking inspiration, you can head over to the full Winter Recipes collection with 90+ recipes for wintertime cooking and eating.

PPS Don’t forget, our pop-up shop continues and it would be so fun so see you there in person! We’re in the historic Hampton House building in downtown Montclair (467 Bloomfield Ave.), open Thursdays-Sundays each week. You can shop our spices, have a hot cup of cider or hot chocolate, and check out our growing Curious Cook’s Bookshop. Hope to see you soon!