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Adventures in food for curious cooks.


Classic Turkey Sandwich

Whole grain bread, all-natural turkey, provolone cheese and all the fixin's.  Classic goodness in every bite.


The Classic Turkey Sandwich, with provolone cheese

The Classic Turkey Sandwich, with provolone cheese

2 slices whole-grain bread

Mustard (many delicious choices:  traditional "ballpark" yellow, Dijon, spicy brown, etc.)


2 slices all-natural sliced turkey

1 slice provolone cheese

Thinly-sliced yellow onion

3-4 tomato slices

Lettuce leaves (can be any kind, but we like Romaine or Green Leaf here)


1.  Lay the bread slices on your work surface

2.  Spread the mustard on one slice and the mayonnaise on the other.  Tip - spread evenly all over the bread, so every bite tastes equally great!

3.  Choose one slice of the bread to be the bottom of your sandwich.  You will "build" your sandwich on this slice, and the other will go on top at the end.

4.  Lay the turkey flat on the bottom slice of bread. 

5.  Lay the provolone cheese on top of the turkey.

6.  If you are packing your lunch to bring to school - use your fingers to remove the juicy seeds from each tomato slice.  This will help prevent your sandwich from becoming soggy by the time you get to eat it.  If you are eating your sandwich right away, skip this step!  All that juicy goodness will be delicious if you eat it right away.

7.  Lay the tomato slices on top of the provolone cheese, spreading them out so that they cover the whole surface of the sandwich (this way you'll get tomato goodness in every bite). 

6.  Separate the onion slices into individual circles, so that instead of one big disk of onion, you will have many circles of various sizes).  Spread the onion circles evenly over the tomatoes.

7.  Lay the lettuce leaves on top of the onions. 

8.  Turn the other slice of bread upside-down on top of the sandwich, so that the dry side is up (of course!).  Carefully cut your sandwich in half (this makes it easier to eat).

9.  Your Classic Turkey Sandwich is ready!  Pack it up and be sure to tell your friends you made your own lunch today!

Have Fun!