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Sauteed Shallot Mushrooms

This simple recipe was originally created to give students in our Slice, Dice & Chop knife skills class some practice slicing ingredients. More recently, we made this for the series of cooking classes we created based on the A Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket. Visit the cooking class page to learn more about that class.


2 shallots

About 15 medium crimini or button mushrooms

3 Tablespoons olive oil (plus a bit more if needed)

Salt and pepper to taste



1.  Remove the skin from the shallots and slice them thinly into rounds.

2. Heat a skillet on the stove over medium heat.  Add the olive oil to the skillet and allow it to warm for a moment.  Add the shallots to the skillet and allow them to gently simmer and soften as you do the next step.  If they begin to brown, turn the heat down a bit.  They should turn no more than slightly golden. 

3. Remove the mushrooms stems and slice them thinly.  When the shallots are soft, add the mushrooms to the skillet.

4. Stir the mushrooms and shallots together in the pan.  If the pan begins to seem too dry after you add the mushrooms, add a bit more olive oil.

5. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over the mushrooms as they cook, and stir the mushrooms around in the pan a bit as they cook.  The mushrooms shouldn't brown or turn crispy as you cook them - if they do, the heat is too high.  After several minutes, they will begin to release their juices and turn quite soft.

6. Sample a mushroom and if needed, add more salt or pepper to taste (the right amount of salt will yield mushrooms that taste like delicious mushrooms, but will not taste salty).  Your Sauteed Shallot Mushrooms are ready! 

Have fun!