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Adventure Kitchen Summer Camps

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Adventure Kitchen Summer Camps

Lynley Jones

Fun and adventurous summer camps for curious cooks and eaters (and, shall we say, more "selective" eaters) aged 14 and under in the Montclair, NJ area.

2018 camp schedule coming soon!

Here's what we did last year:

Choose your own adventure:

Week 1: July 10-14

Full-day camp for incoming 6th-9th graders. Lunch provided along with snacks and treats all day long as we take public transportation to visit NYC and Montclair destinations. Come join the adventure! Click for Week 1 itinerary.

Week 2: July 17-21

Full-day camp for incoming 6th-9th graders. Lunch provided along with snacks and treats all day long as we take public transportation to visit NYC and Montclair destinations. Come join the adventure! Click for Week 2 itinerary.

Week 3: July 31-August 4

9am-2pm daily for 10-14 year olds, lunch provided. As seen on NPR! Discover the terrible true culinary history of the Baudelaires by cooking and eating all the foods from the Series of Unfortunate Events. Plus, decipher secret messages, join the mini-book club and watch the Netflix show! Click for more details.

Week 4: August 7-11 

NOW FOR AGES 8-14! 9am-2pm daily, with lunch provided. Back by popular demand! Make and eat all the food and fun for a different type of party every day. Every day's a party at Adventure Kitchen! Click for more details.

Why Every Kid Should Learn about Cooking:

Food is a positive "gateway drug" to lots of good things!

Every single human eats food. Food is home and comfort, and love. When we explore food and cooking, we open a doorway that can connect us with other people like nothing else. Whether they live on the other side of the planet, or at another time long ago, or right next door, suddenly, we are smelling what they smell, tasting what they taste. We get a small slice (pun intended) of what their life might be like.

And then, we can relate to each other. What could be better than that?

Cooking Is for Everyone #KidsAreEatersToo

When we cook, we understand food better. When kids learn how to prepare food themselves, and the stories behind their food, they are better able to appreciate the foods they are served. Kids learn how things like geography, warfare, sunshine and human exploration affect the foods people eat. In our classes and camps, kids get comfortable with the unfamiliar as we we smell, touch, taste and experiment with lots of foods and ingredients. Kids become more confident cooks and eaters.  

When we cook, we appreciate food more. It's unrealistic to expect children (or adults, for that matter!) to like every single kind of food that's offered to them. But when kids hold raw ingredients in their own hands, do the work of preparing delicious meals, and learn the real stories behind their food, they value food more. They learn how much hard work goes into the good food we have to eat, how fortunate we are to have it, and how great it is to enjoy each delicious bite.

When we cook, we keep our bodies healthier (whether we're trying to or not!). This is true for so many reasons. Cooking just happens to be a virtuous cycle of good health. Fewer highly-processed foods, fewer artificial ingredients, less sugar, more vegetables and fruits, smaller portion sizes, less waste, less "pickiness." When you're cooking most of your own food, this is just what happens!

In our classes and camps, we have fun with lots different kinds of foods and give kids the information they need to choose great ingredients. We cook with lots of whole foods from nature, and play games, have trivia challenges, get our hands messy, and never get preachy. 

When we cook, we bring people together. Food, cooking and eating are things kids and grownups have in common.  Older kids work alongside younger kids, parents and grandparents alongside the kids.  We spend time talking, laughing, and working together toward a common goal. 

We we cook, we learn to live well in the real world. Kids who cook develop confidence, solve problems, work as a team, learn to be of service and think of the needs of others. They learn to organize their thinking and the movement of their bodies based on what works and doesn't work. Bottom line: they learn how to navigate the real world.

Every kid should have access to Adventure Kitchen!

Please consider donating to the Adventure Kitchen Scholarship Fund to help every child afford these camps! Learn more here.