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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

I think maybe January needs some Mexican hot chocolate

Blog: Random Acts of Deliciousness

Recipes and other delicious discoveries, served randomly.

I think maybe January needs some Mexican hot chocolate

Lynley Jones

3 hot chocolate recipes, 88 winter recipes - and our Montclair pop-up shop continues....!

Welp, it’s a new year, baby! And in addition to holiday hangovers and resolutions, around here that also means lots of exciting things are going on:

1) Our pop-up shop continues! We opened in mid-November and the original plan was to stay through the end of December. But the landlord hasn’t sold the space yet, and it’s been such a success that we’re staying on! For how long? Who knows! For now we’ve been told it’s a month-to-month basis - so the bottom line for you is that you can still find us in the historic Hampton House building in downtown Montclair (467 Bloomfield Ave.) And I’ll let you know when and if anything changes.

2) Time for some Winter Recipes, right? I’ve pulled together 88 recipes for wintertime cooking to keep your oven and stove humming, keep you warm and give you plenty of cooking projects for those days when you don’t feel like shoveling out the driveway.

3) It’s hot chocolate time. (Should this have been #1?) This week I’m sharing 3 recipes, plus a How to Make Mexican Hot Chocolate post to with all the background: ingredients, shopping tips, how-tos and more.

So... Onward!

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Winter Recipe Collection

Fave Cozy Winter Recipes

From my adventurous kitchen to yours,

Stay warm!