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I beet you'll love this recipe

Blog: Random Acts of Deliciousness

Recipes and other delicious discoveries, served randomly.

I beet you'll love this recipe

Lynley Jones

Holy cow, I have the best recipe for you! It’s called Spicy Beet Curry with Beet Greens and Spiced Yogurt (because the internet likes long names), and my daughter and I have been eating it all week. Caramelized diced beets are simmered along with their leaves and stems, infused with Indian spices, brightened with a squeeze of lemon and scattered over a schmear of cinnamon-spiked yogurt.

Scoop all that beety goodness into a warm piece of naan bread and you’ll be in heaven.

And since I’m in such an up-beet mood, I’m sharing a few other beet recipes with you below. Plus, I’ve also gathered a few other winter veggie recipes here because dang if it’s not a long, long winter.

And real quick - although winter may seem endless right now, Adventure Kitchen Summer Camp is coming! Families have already started signing up, and one week is now more than half full. If you want to be on our summer camp email list, go here and add your email in the box. We keep a separate list specifically for summer camp so that’s the only way to be sure you don’t miss a thing. And if you’re thinking about signing up, don’t wait too long! We’re filling up faster than ever this year. :)

Fresh and New:

And You Can’t Beet These:

Winter is A Good Time to Veg:

P.S. If you’re interested in summer camp this year, be sure to go here to get on the list. And sign up soon - spots are already filling up!

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