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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Adventure Kitchen Values


Adventure Kitchen Values

Lynley Jones

At Adventure Kitchen, we are a tribe of curious cooks who explore and connect with the world and its people through food and cooking.

Here are the 6 values that guide us on our journey:

We choose fearlessly

We recognize that fear may be present from time to time, but it doesn't get to make our choices for us.

We share abundantly

With our customers, students, tribe, business partners, hungry neighbors, people in need. Gratitude, praise and props, in addition to time, talent and treasure. Through social media and in real life. There's plenty for everyone if we all share.

We cook joyfully

We're not about guilt, rules, obligation or shame. Cooking is about joy and generosity.

We take pride in our footprints

We're aware that we will leave a legacy, and we choose to leave one we can be proud of.

We tell the truth

With each other, with our students, with our customers, with our business partners, with the world.

There's no such word as can't

When we eliminate the word "can't" all that's left are choices and possibilities. (Thank you, Jack Jones.)