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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Eating Flowers

Mostly Plants Series

How to use whatever produce you find at your farmers market or CSA. Roots to leaves and flowers, here's how to cook with what you've got.

Eating Flowers

Lynley Jones

Flowers on the brain, and on the plate.

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The Flowers Have Arrived

It's spring! Which means the rains are falling, the flowers are blooming, and the bright light of summer is calling to us from the end of the tunnel: come into the light, it's warm out here!

Warm days are ahead, and we know this because there are flowers everywhere! Spring weather can be iffy, but the flowers are a consistent beacon of hope. A guarantee that no matter how cold and drizzly today may be, summer is on the way to take its rightful place. 

(Full disclosure: I have a strong pro-summer bias.)

Cooking with Flowers

Flowers are top of mind around here because Adventure Kitchen had a table at an event this week about gardening, floral design and garden-to-table cooking. We had samples of our recipe for Garlic Mascarpone with Chive  Blossoms at this week's event (plus some samples made with our spice blends).

So I thought I'd share a few recipes with you from the archives for cooking with flowers:

Hibiscus Flowers (Jamaica)

Common in Latin American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern and Persian cuisines. Steep with spices for tea or use to make a dessert sauce. Steep with savory ingredients to make a sauce for chicken, lamb or shrimp.

1/2 cup-sized jar.

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