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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Recipe Books and Classes

Kids and families can step inside the Adventure Kitchen at home - and have fun!

Kids and grownups have fun cooking and learning together.

In every Adventure Kitchen class, kids learn how to make real food from real, whole ingredients, and prepare dishes that their grownups would like to make and eat with them.  We explain things in fun, kid-friendly ways, but we never dumb things down. 

Learn how to bring Adventure Kitchen to your school or home...

Available soon

Learn to make a complete Mexican feast for your family, including guacamole, pico de gallo, refried beans, tacos and Mucho Mango Tart.  You'll learn great stories from Mexican history and culture, along with tips for finding real Mexican ingredients in any grocery store, and saving money while you shop.

Click for  A Corn Tortilla Story,  with instructions...

Click for A Corn Tortilla Story, with instructions...

Click to learn how to buy and prepare corn tortillas at home - and learn what happened when Aztec Emperor Montezuma met Spanish Conquistador Cortez for the first time.


Available soon

Who doesn’t like pie?  It’s delicious!  Learn about the pies people love around the world, and about the people who eat them – and why.  From sweet desserts to savory meals, you’ll learn how to make fruit pies, tarts, quiches, pot pies and more.

Click for  The Story of Pie , with a recipe...

Click for The Story of Pie, with a recipe...

Click to get the recipe for a Strawberry Galette (a type of pie) like the ancient Romans made, and to learn why this poor caveman has no pie.