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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Bring Adventure Kitchen to your kitchen

For Schools and Children

Making  pico de gallo

Making pico de gallo

We have a lot of fun cooking with kids!  We explain things in kid-friendly ways, and we sometimes simplify recipes or techniques - but we never dumb things down.  We honor children’s intelligence and curiosity by sharing the complicated truth about the people, places and foods we explore in our classes, in age-appropriate ways.

Click to find out about having Adventure Kitchen at your school.

We have fun!  While we talk about food, cooking, kitchen etiquette, safety and cleanliness, we design our classes so that kids also explore many other interesting things such as:

  • Stories from history, mythology and religion

  • Why people eat the foods they do

  • How people use language – English and many other languages – to talk about food

  • How geography affects the foods people eat

  • How to choose ingredients that will be good for our bodies and delicious to eat

  • How to save money by making smart choices at the grocery store

  • How science helps us cook food and kill germs

  • How to use math skills to follow recipes

  • And much more, usually led by the children’s questions and interests

For Grownups and Families

Learning to cook?  Adventure Kitchen can come to your home or other location.

New!  Parent/Child Classes

Making kale chips

Making kale chips

Also for Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, or other special grownups!  Learn things like Knife Skills or Cooking 101, or learn about a special food, a part of the world or a time in history.  Contact us for more information.

Cooking Sessions At Home

For beginner cooks.  We will come to your home and help you learn to cook in your kitchen, with your equipment.  Try one session or sign up for a complete  8-session course.  We can even meet you at the grocery store and help you choose ingredients.  We'll work with you to customize your session to focus on the area(s) you want to learn about, and leave you with all the information you need to begin cooking with confidence.

Click to find out about customized cooking sessions in your home.

Birthday Parties

Frozen/Olaf birthday pancakes

Frozen/Olaf birthday pancakes

Have an Adventure Kitchen birthday party in your home or other location!  We'll work with you to customize a party to delight your child.  All children will have a chance for hands-on cooking and fun.  The possibilities are endless, but here are a few sample ideas:

The movie "Frozen" -  How many things can you make with carrots?  Or ice?

Minecraft - What could you actually cook with the foods available in the Minecraft universe?

Princesses - Learn about real princesses throughout history and the foods they ate. 

Knights -  What was it really like to be a knight, and what did they eat?

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