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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

I Like Pie

       Recommended for 3rd grade and up

       Recommended for 3rd grade and up


Available soon....

With this recipe book, you will learn how to use a simple pie crust to make desserts and delicious meals.  You’ll make galettes like the ancient Romans, quiche from Joan of Arc’s hometown, and pasties like the children in Cornwall.  You can even make pie crust cookies!



Learn how...

You can make your own pie crust with just 3 ingredients and a little ice water

Ancient Romans spread pie-making all over the known world

In England, children used to bring hand-pies along in their pockets to work with their fathers in the mines

You can make a delicious pot pie with leftovers

You can use a real mathematical equation to calculate the number of layers in your puff pastry (answer: between 70 and 800 layers in every bite!)

You can make a fruit tart that looks like the French (or American) flag

And much more!