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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Oscar Party 2019


Oscar Party 2019

Lynley Jones

My annual list of the trendiest and most impressive noshes to serve at your Oscar party. So you'll win for Best Party. (Don't forget to thank the Academy.)

And the award goes to...  

Hibiscus-Allspice Champagne Cocktails

for Most Impressive Cocktail

Spiced Collard Greens

for Best Dish to Serve at a Royal Wakanda State Dinner

Spicy Beet Curry with Beet Greens and Spiced Yogurt

for Trendiest Root-to-Leaf Recipe

Frozen Sumac-Basil Lemonade Spice Pops

for Trendiest Ice Pop Recipe

Artichoke-Leaf Appetizer with Salmon and Rutabaga Straws

for Best Recipe Adapted from Television

Champurrado-Style Hot Chocolate

for Best Picture

This Year’s Winners:

More Ideas for Your Oscar Party: