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About Adventure Kitchen

Adventures in food for curious cooks.

About Me: Lynley Jones

Lynley Jones

Hi there! I'm Lynley Jones, the creator of Adventure Kitchen. I'm a curious cook, writer and mom who likes to travel and learn, and bring people together over food. Based in Montclair, New Jersey, I love sharing new discoveries with anyone polite enough to feign interest, especially the visitors to this website and the adults and children in my cooking classes.

Adventure Kitchen

I created Adventure Kitchen to be a website for curious cooks (like me!) of every age. I share new recipes each week, plus I have fun creating quirky recipe series such as People Like PieWhy Did the Chicken Cross the Globe? and A Series of Unfortunate Recipes (based on the Lemony Snicket books and Netflix series).

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My first class, How to Make Perfect Pie Crust Like a Boss was ranked in the top 1% of the thousands of classes on the platform in the first month! I'll be releasing more classes in the coming weeks and months, so follow me to learn more.

Summer Camp 2017: Choose Your Own Adventure

In summer 2017, local kids ages 8-14 can choose from one of these totally unique culinary summer camp adventures: Culinary Adventure Tour, Party-Palooza Cooking Camp, or Unfortunate Cooking Camp.

Events and More

We hold an annual Bake Sale for Hunger Relief, plus farmers' market events, tastings, and more. 


Adventure Kitchen and I have been featured on NPR's food blog The Salt, the Montclair Local and the Montclair Times.

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My Adventure Kitchen Philosophy:

Food Is a Doorway to Humanity.

Every single human eats food.  Every one of us is equally refreshed by a cool sip and nourished by a warm bowl. Since the dawn of civilization, food - acquiring it, preparing it, serving it - has been one of the central activities of human culture.

So, when we explore food and cooking, we open a pathway to connect with people around the world, throughout history, and in our own homes. What could be better than that?

More about Adventure Kitchen and How We Do Things:

What's the deal with coarse salt?

I use Diamond Kosher Salt as my go-to salt for everyday cooking. It's a standard for a lot of professional cooks, and I like that salt is the only ingredient - no anti-caking agents or anything else. What you need to know is that the crystals are coarser than regular table salt, so they measure differently. If you are using regular table salt, try using half or a third as much as I call for, and then add more to taste if needed.  (And by the way "to taste" means seasoning just enough to make it so delicious you just can't stop eating it!)

Why do you sometimes use strange/unfamiliar ingredients?

Because it's a delicious adventure! I like to experiment with interesting ingredients, whether they be sea beans, masa harina or berbere spice. And if you're a curious cook like me, you probably do too! Wherever possible, I try to link to a source for any unusual ingredients, and I always try to explain what you can do if you can't find them.