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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Starting Tomorrow: A Series of Unfortunate Recipes, Season 2


Starting Tomorrow: A Series of Unfortunate Recipes, Season 2

Lynley Jones

A New Unfortunate Season Has Begun!

Last Friday, Netflix dropped Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. So, that means starting this week, I'll be sharing a brand new Series of Unfortunate Recipes for fans of the series.

Quick Background:

The original A Series of Unfortunate Events is a quirky, somewhat dark and funny children's book series.

Last year, it was made into a Netflix series, popular with families, millennials and lots of other people. Both the books and the Netflix screenplay are written by Daniel Handler, in the voice of Lemony Snicket, who is a character in the stories.

The book series includes elaborate descriptions of food, which originally inspired me to create a cooking class for local elementary school children in 2015. 

Last year, when the first season of the Netflix series dropped, I decided to create a brand-new series on the website, with new recipes and food-related content, written in a Snicket-esque voice by me, to amplify the plot in the story - so fans can have fun cooking along with the series.

=> My original cooking classes were featured in an NPR article here!

=> Daniel Handler tweeted about Adventure Kitchen's recipe series!

Season 2 Is Upon Us

Tomorrow, I'm launching Season 2 of the recipe series. To keep things straight, we're now naming the seasons of our recipe series (echoing the way Handler names the books in the original series):

A Series of Unfortunate Recipes Season 1: The Bland Beginning

A Series of Unfortunate Recipes Season 2: The Messy Middle

In keeping with the Series of Unfortunate Events approach to things, each of our seasons is 13 weeks.

You Can Follow Along

If you want to follow along, choose an option on this page. You can start at the very beginning, with last year's posts and recipes delivered to you over 13 weeks. Or, you can start in the middle, with the second season of content delivered to you as I create it over the next 13 weeks.

Either way, the weekly emails and posts are all written in a Snicket-esque voice, from the perspective of a character inhabiting that universe. There are lots of references and wordplay for food people, as well as fans of the original book series, and everyone else with a sense of humor. (Also be on the lookout for the occasional mystery or puzzle. If it seems particularly strange at any point, there's probably a reason.)