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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

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Mexican Cooking Fiesta!

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Born in the struggle for Mexico's independence, Cajeta de Leche is an authentically Mexican caramel concoction. Drizzle it over our Mucho Mango Tart, or over ice cream or berries, or whatever!  Also, learn the true story of Mexican independence day - and why you're doing it all wrong!

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Catch Up With Previous Weeks...

We started our Mexican Cooking Fiesta by learning all about Mexican Hot Chocolate!  In Mexico, hot chocolate isn't just a special treat.  It's a frothy cup-full of ancient ingredients and traditions.  The more foam the better!  

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Juicy red tomatoes burst with the flavors of Mexico: punchy cilantro, crisp onions, fresh lime juice and the bite of chiles. Pico de Gallo makes almost any dish taste like a celebration.

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Earthy and unctious, well-made beans are a simple and delicious foundation for much of Mexican cuisine.  When sauteed and smashed, they become refritos, known by Americans as "refried beans."

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Melted cheese scooped into warm tortillas, topped with Pico de Gallo, cilantro or some fresh chiles.  A dish that evokes the vaquero (cowboy) tradition and culture of northern Mexico with every bite.

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In the colors of the Mexican flag, and made of ancient Mexican ingredients, guacamole has been nourishing Mexicans since long before the Spaniards arrived.  Learn about the Aztec empire, the legend behind the Mexican flag, and how to choose great avocados for your next dish of guacamole.

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Like the mestizo culture of Mexico, a Carnitas taco is a plateful of native and European influences dancing together to create something uniquely Mexican, and simply wonderful. Learn this super simple recipe, and the true story of the role a tortilla played in 1519 when Emperor Montezuma and Hernan Cortez met for the first time.

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