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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

How To Cut Up Apples

You will need a sharp knife to cut up an apple properly.  Be careful - and have fun!

cutting apples 1

Cut the apple in half the tall way, from the stem down.

Lay each half down on it's flat side to keep it sturdy, then cut it in half again, from the stem end down.  You will now have 4 large wedges, each with a bit of core at the corner.


Cut at an angle to remove the core part from each wedge. The un-cored wedges will look like those on the left, with the removed cores like those on the right.

cutting apples 2
cutting apples 3

Cut each wedge in half again, from stem end down, to make smaller wedges.

If you are cutting the apples to eat for a snack, stop right here and gobble them up!

cutting apples 4

If you are removing the skin, you can do that with a paring knife or potato peeler (as shown) in this step.  (We usually only remove the skins if we are using the apples in a cooked dish and want the finished product to seem very polished.  It's actually healthier to leave the skins on - more vitamins, more fiber - whenever appropriate.)  

cutting apples 5

Lay each skinless wedge on it's side, and cut it into long rectangles.

cutting apples 5

Cut cubes off of the ends of the rectangles.

To prevent browning, you can put the apple cubes in a bowl of lemon juice while you work.  A brief lemon juice bath will contribute the slightest hint of lemon flavor.  The longer they stay in the lemon juice, the stronger the lemon flavor that will remain.


That's It!