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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

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Time Warp Plymouth, 1621

Travel back in time and become the Thanksgiving expert in your family, and make real food for your own Thanksgiving table to honor the native Wampanoag people and the English pilgrims.

Part 5 - The Mayflower

Lynley Jones

The year is 1620, and the Mayflower is heading for America, and one of the passengers is a 5 year-old girl named Remember. Life aboard ship is pretty miserable in the dark "tweendecks." There is no place to play, passengers aren’t allowed to get fresh air up on deck, the food is horrible, and there are probably big rats running around!

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Part 6 - The English Come Ashore

Lynley Jones

The year is 1620 and the Mayflower is arriving. But it's headed toward the wrong place! They're running out of food, people are starting to get sick, and they're beginning to argue. There are guns aboard, but instead of fighting they decide to sign the Mayflower Compact and agree to some simple rules. Bonus - they finally touch dry land and do some much-needed laundry!

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Part 7 - Pumpkins, Pilgrims and Promises

Lynley Jones

The year is 1621, the Pilgrims are desperate and dying, and unbeknownst to them, the place they have chosen to settle on has a very interesting history. The Wampanoag people have a lot of questions about these strange newcomers on their land. Will they even survive? Should they have war or peace?

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