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Free: Roadmap to Thanksgiving!


Free: Roadmap to Thanksgiving!

Lynley Jones

Your complete, printable step-by-step roadmap to Thanksgiving awesomeness!

Thanksgiving Roadmap.png

Includes menu, recipes, master timeline, Turkey Timeline "calculator," detailed turkey logistics, brining and defrosting advice, shopping lists and more!

I want the Roadmap!

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Includes everything you need to achieve Thanksgiving awesomeness:

  • Complete made-from-scratch Thanksgiving menu
  • Detailed timeline of what to do when
  • Turkey Timeline "calculator"
  • Detailed turkey logistics (how to choose, when to buy, how/whether to defrost, to brine or not to brine, and more)
  • Master shopping list and shop-by-recipe lists
  • Friendly notes from me ;-)
  • And more!

Want a copy? (You know you do!) Just pop your email address into the form and I'll send it to you, lickety-split.