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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

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Make Your Own Lunch!

Missed our Make Your Own Lunch cooking class in Winter 2015?  Follow along with our next class!  Sign up for weekly email Postcards From Cooking Class and you'll get all the recipes and information you need to follow our cooking classes in your own home.

Kids can take charge of their own lunchtime and have fun doing it, with easy and delicious recipes and information to help them make smart choices.

In Week 1 we learned how to put together a great-tasting lunch that has everything you need to fill your tummy, help you think smart, feel good and act nicely all afternoon at school.  We tried two delicious kinds of turkey sandwiches, with seconds ...and thirds! 

Click for Turkey Sandwich recipes and details...

In Week 2 we learned how to make "Miracle" Tuna!  Made with mayonnaise and a little Dijon mustard (so many good things come from France!), it's simple and tastes great with whole wheat crackers.

Click for Miracle Tuna recipe and details...

Want Adventure Kitchen to come to your school?  Just ask!  Adventure Kitchen can bring cooking and fun to after-school enrichment classes or classroom activities at your school in Montclair, New Jersey or surrounding areas.  Click the button to learn more....

Middle East Map

In Week 3, we made traditional French Dijon Vinaigrette!  We learned about the kitchen chemistry behind emulsion, and how to make salad dressing that doesn't separate.  Finally, we created our own salads at a French-inspired salad buffet, all to the tune of some great French music.  

 Click for the French Dijon Vinaigrette recipe and all the details from class... 

This week, we found the Middle East on the globe, listened to music from Turkey and learned to make Classic Hummus - the taste of ancient civilizations.  Click for recipes and all the details from class...

Week 6 - Applesauce, Aprons and Recipe Books!

This week, we made three different kinds of pinwheels, inspired by the flavors of France, Mexico and the Middle East. When we were finished, we had a pinwheel buffet to share our food with each other.  Click for Pinwheel recipes and details...

Congratulations to our new Official Lunch Experts!  In our final week of class, we enjoyed homemade applesauce and made Make Your Own Lunch recipe books to take home.  Each small chef also received a personalized apron and a certificate.  Click for Homemade Applesauce recipe and details from class...