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Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Lynley Jones

Help a Child Attend Adventure Kitchen Summer Camp!

Every child should have the chance to learn about cooking and eating real food! So, we've established a scholarship fund to help kids who otherwise couldn't afford to come.

Please click Donate to help more kids go to camp:


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We put a lot of careful thought into crafting culinary summer camps that are truly unique, memorable and fun, so that real food and cooking can be accessible to even the most reluctant eaters.

We choose high quality ingredients because children's growing bodies and palates deserve good food. We selectively choose great people to work as Assistants, and we pay them above minimum wage, because our children deserve to be surrounded by loving, competent bigger friends. And, it's the right thing to do.

Of course, these things aren't cheap! Please help to make this wonderful experience available to more kids by clicking the Donate button above.

Do you need help paying for camp? Email to be placed on the scholarship wait list.