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Your CSA Survival Tips Needed!

Hello CSA friends!

I'm collecting input for a post called "CSA Survival Guide" to go live this weekend, roughly August 19/20. Please use this form to share any tips or suggestions you may have, and I may include your idea in this week's post!

I would love to hear what has worked or hasn't worked for you as a CSA member, what kind of an attitude or perspective you think may help, favorite recipe sources you rely on, what to look for/how to choose a good CSA, and anything else you think might be helpful.

As you share your suggestions, please think about two audiences. One is people who want to eat a more local, sustainable diet with more fruits and veggies, and are wondering if a CSA might be a good way to go. Another is people who are in a CSA and sometimes struggle with storing and using everything, and maybe figuring out how to eat some strange new things (hey, that could actually be me on any given week!).

All input received by Thursday 8/18 will be reviewed and may be included. When the post goes live, I'll email everyone who contributed to let them know.

Thank you so much!


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