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Crushed berry common in Middle Eastern, Persian and north African cuisines. Citrusy flavor is great sprinkled on meat, veggies, fish, salads, or anything you might add a squeeze of lemon to.

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Sumac is a traditional ingredient in Middle Eastern and Persian cooking. It's a dried, crushed red berry that adds a mild citrusy flavor to anything it's sprinkled on. It goes great either alongside or in place of lemon in your cooking.

In the US, people pronounce it SOO-mack, but my Iranian friends tell me it's pronounced so-MAGH in Persian. 

Sumac gives off a gorgeous pinkish-red color along with its citrusy flavor, so it works great in both sweet and savory dishes. 

You can use Sumac to make:

(By the way, if you've heard of "poison sumac" and are worried this might be the same thing - it's not! That's a different plant all together. It's not clear why they have the same name, but my guess is it's just a coincidence of transliteration.)

More details:

1/2-cup sized jar

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