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Time Warp Cooking thumb2.png

Plymouth background

Learn what really happened at the "first Thanksgiving" and make real food for your family this Thanksgiving.

Time Warp Cooking - Plymouth 1621

Imagine you are Wampanoag.

You've lived your whole life in your own home, your own village, doing things the way your family has done them for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  You are safe and happy in your home, with all your relatives and friends around you.  Everything is normal, everything is good.

Suddenly, a big group of strange foreigners shows up - and they have guns!  They speak a strange language, and you've heard stories that they steal things and kidnap people - and worse. 

Will your family be safe?

Imagine you are English.

Your whole family keeps having to move, farther and farther away from home, because of your religion.  Some people in your religion have been put in prison or killed.  You just spent a month and a half on a ship with horrible food, rats, and no place to run and play.  You are glad to be off the ship, but afraid of this new world, too. 

You've heard stories of this dangerous new world - filled with scary wild beasts like bears and lions.  You've been told that there are even scary people, who are so savage that they hardly wear clothes. 

Will your family be safe?