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Advertising and Related Policies

No ads on this website!

Have you noticed that sleek feeling you get when you visit our site? There's a reason: no ads! We want your experience here to feel good for everyone in your family, and we don't want to bog your visit down with advertisers' videos or other content that we may not be able to control. No foot fungus, wrinkle cures or belly fat here. Just pure, unadulterated culinary adventures for curious cooks.

Sponsored Content

We don't currently have any sponsor relationships, but we are open to considering them! What matters to us is that when we recommend a specific product or book on this website it is because, based on our experience, we believe it to be of good quality. If brands that we trust and believe in are interested in working with us to sponsor great new content for our community, we are open to considering this.

Our criteria for evaluating these opportunities will be:

1) Is this a brand we would recommend in good conscience even if there were no compensation? and

2) Does the relationship add value to our community?

If the answer to both questions is yes we'll definitely consider it. And we'll fully disclose these relationships when and if they occur. 

Affiliate Links

We include links to some kitchen supplies, books and other items that you can purchase on Amazon or other websites. Oftentimes, these are affiliate links, which means that if you use that link to visit the other site and decide to purchase something from them, Adventure Kitchen receives a small percentage of the purchase price as an affiliate commission. This does not affect the price you pay at all, but it does help provide a little needed revenue to us, which helps to keep Adventure Kitchen going.

Affiliate links are on this page and this page, as well as scattered places throughout the rest of the site. We use these links in places where we think it's helpful for you to see an example, or to better understand what we're talking about, or make it easy for you to find a particular gadget or book. 


As of December 2016, we now offer our own Adventure Kitchen branded products for sale - and we're so excited! You can find these here. Selling our own products helps Adventure Kitchen to stay financially stable and to continue doing what we do for you - which is hopefully why you're here! We look for products to offer that are well-made of high quality, at fair wages and working conditions, and can add value to you. We expect to expand our store over the coming months and years. If you have an idea for a supplier or product we should consider, please use the envelope icon at the top of the website to contact us and let us know. In the meantime, you can get more information about Adventure Kitchen products by reading the FAQs hereThank you!