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86 Walnut Street
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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Cooking Camp Week 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events - 7/29-8/2, 2019

Summer Camp

ALL WEEKS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! Join us for culinary madness in Adventure Kitchen summer camps! Ages 8-14 in the Montclair, NJ area. Taste and explore your way around NYC in Adventure Camp, or spend the day cooking and eating in Cooking Camp!

Cooking Camp Week 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events - 7/29-8/2, 2019

Summer Camp Callouts.png
Summer Camp Callouts.png
sold out

Cooking Camp Week 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events - 7/29-8/2, 2019


9am-3pm, lunch included, ages 10-14

As seen on NPR and tweeted about by Daniel Handler himself! Fully updated for Season 3 and based on our very own Series of Unfortunate Recipes. We'll discover the terrible but true culinary history of the Baudelaire orphans from The Bad Beginning to the bitter End. We'll cook and eat the foods from the Series of Unfortunate Events books and Netflix series, plus wear disguises, decipher secret messages and avoid capture by Count Olaf.

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Camp is located at: Unitarian Universalist Church (kitchen and Fletcher Hall), 67 Church St, Montclair, NJ 07042

As Seen on NPR!

Based on the popular Lemony Snicket books and Netflix series and our very own Series of Unfortunate Recipes, we'll be exploring the true culinary history of the Baudelaire orphans by cooking and eating foods from the series. We’ll even make our very own fermented soda in two flavors: Parsley Soda for Esme Squalor, and Sweet Hibiscus Soda for the rest of us.

And in addition to all that cooking, eating and drinking, we’ll join the Volunteer Fire Department, possibly encounter Verbal Fridge Dialogue and avoid the evil clutches of a certain money-hungry villain.

This camp is for fans of A Series of Unfortunate Events books or on Netflix. It works best if your child is familiar with the series before joining us for camp! They don’t need to have a super detailed knowledge of every little thing, but there are lots of inside jokes and references, and the more familiar the more fun it will be for everyone.

Here’s what we’ll be cooking:

Monday: Dinner with Count Olaf

We'll have dinner with two desserts! (It’s the least we can do since we’re making you dine with Count Olaf, right?) We’ll make the very same recipe for Pasta Puttanesca that the Baudelaires found in Justice Strauss' library, along with homemade Chocolate Pudding. We’ll make a pot of beans to be used later in the week, and we’ll finish up with Not-For-Olaf Raspberry Cupcakes for dessert

=> We’ll also begin our soda-making process by making our two flavored syrups from scratch.

Tuesday: Dinner with Uncle Monty and Captain Sham

We'll make Stefano’s Potstickers, plus Cheer-Up Cheeseburgers and an Extra Fun Special Family Appetizer from The Anxious Clown restaurant. We’ll end with Uncle Monty’s Coconut Cream Cake for dessert.

=> We’ll begin to ferment our soda using yeast and the flavored syrups we made yesterday (these two things together will make the bubbles!).

Wednesday: Lake Lachrymose Cooking School

Welcome to Lake Lachrymose Cooking School, where you will learn to make some Very Fine Dishes! You’ll spend some time with your oven partner learning to make much better omelettes than Charles made for Sir, and we’ll also make Hector’s Huevos Rancheros and Lunchbox Beef & Bean Burritos in honor of Larry Your Waiter. We’ll make Mr. Remora’s Bananas Foster for dessert.

=> We’ll check our soda fermentation progress, and if all systems are go, we’ll transfer our soda into bottles.

Thursday: Dinner with Chabo the Wolf Baby

Sunny is a brilliant chef, and this day is in honor of her! We’ll make the Tom Kha Gai she made with Hugo, and the Champurrado Hot Chocolate recipe inspired by her undercover cooking at Caligari Carnival. We’ll make the Pesto Lo Mein she created to feed her siblings in the Grim Grotto, and the Orange Granita she improvised for hungry villains at the top of Mt. Fraught.

=> We’ll move our fermenting soda bottles into refrigeration for the final step.

Friday: D-IN-ner party with Esme Squalor (plus Violet’s birthday cake!)

We’ll wear our best pinstripes to make a fancy IN dinner for Esme Squalor. We’ll have only the innest foods such as roast salmon and crispy rutabaga straws. We’ll drink acqueous martinis, and our own homemade sodas. And for dessert, we’ll make Violet’s birthday cake.

=> We’ll celebrate our in-ness by toasting ourselves with our own homemade soda! Parsley soda for Esme Squalor, and sweet hibiscus soda for the rest of us.

Some pictures from last year’s “unfortunate” cooking camp:

More pictures and recipes from last year’s Unfortunate Events cooking camp:

All food, supplies and equipment is included. Exact daily menu subject to change based on seasonality and availability of ingredients. Feel free to bring your phone or other device to snap and share pics of what you make. 

Adventure Kitchen camps are not allergen-free, but we work hard to accommodate everyone and can often make adjustments as needed. If you have questions about your child's particular food sensitivity, email lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

Adventure Kitchen camps are great for adventurous and not-so-adventurous eaters alike! Foodie kids will have much to pique their palates, but we never force or pressure kids to taste anything they don't want to try. No shame! Adventure Kitchen is all about joyful experiences with food as make new discoveries and connections. There is usually something for everyone as we have fun exploring the world of food around us.

Camp is led by Lynley Jones, curious cook and local mom, and owner and creator of Adventure Kitchen. Lynley is certified in First Aid and CPR. 

Lynley hand-picks camp counselors and assistants who love children and food! We are proud to pay a premium wage, and we only hire the best.  

We'll post status and pics each day on social media, so parents can follow along:

Questions? Email me at lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

Hope you can join us!! This is gonna be so much fun!

Please note that photographs and/or video are taken at Adventure Kitchen classes and events. If you'd rather not appear in these, just let us know. Thanks!