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UNFORTUNATE Cooking Camp 2017

Classes & Camps

Join us for culinary madness in Adventure Kitchen summer camps 2017! Ride the rails with us for a real-life Culinary Adventure Tour, immerse yourself in the Series of Unfortunate Events universe, or spend a week partying in Party-Palooza camp!

UNFORTUNATE Cooking Camp 2017

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Unfortunate Cooking Camp FB.png
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UNFORTUNATE Cooking Camp 2017


July 31-August 4, 9am-2pm, ages 10-14

Unitarian Universalist Church (kitchen and Fletcher Hall), 67 Church St, Montclair, NJ 07042

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As Seen on NPR! (click for article) 

A Series of Unfortunate Recipes summer camp

Based on the popular Lemony Snicket books and Netflix series and our very own Series of Unfortunate Recipes, we'll be cooking and eating Pasta Puttanesca, Uncle Monty's Coconut Cream Cake, Cheer-Up Cheeseburgers, (Not) Count Olaf's Raspberry Cupcakes, and much more.

Each day of this week-long camp we'll feature one of the books and an episode of the Netflix series. We'll have a mini-book club, make and eat the foods inspired by the story, decipher secret messages and watch part of the Netflix series. 

Monday: Dinner with Count Olaf

Pasta Puttanesca with Baudelaire Broccoli and homemade Chocolate Pudding

Tuesday: Dinner with the Poes, Dessert with Count Olaf

Chicken, small potatoes and green beans, plus raspberry cupcakes for dessert

Wednesday: Dinner with Uncle Monty

Potstickers and Chinese "take-out" food (made by us!), plus Coconut Cream Cake for dessert

Thursday: Lake Lachrymose Cooking School

You'll spend some time with your oven partner in the Advanced Baking Course and make foods popular in and around Lake Lachrymose such as the Extra Fun Special Family Appetizer, Cheer-Up Cheeseburgers, and things made with Very Fresh Dill. Plus a chilled dessert, just for Aunt Josephine.

Friday: Dinner at the Miserable Mill

Beef Casserole, Omelets, and Peppermint Brittle

All food, supplies and equipment is included. Exact daily menu subject to change based on seasonality and availability of ingredients. Feel free to bring your phone or other device to snap and share pics of what you make. 

Adventure Kitchen camps are not allergen-free, but we work hard to accommodate everyone and can often make adjustments as needed. If you have questions about your child's particular food sensitivity, email lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

Adventure Kitchen camps are great for adventurous and not-so-adventurous eaters alike! Foodie kids will have much to pique their palates, but we never force or pressure kids to taste anything they don't want to try. No shame! Adventure Kitchen is all about joyfully encountering food as a means of discovery and connection, and there is usually something for everyone as we have fun exploring the world of food around us.

Camp will be led by Lynley Jones, owner and creator of Adventure Kitchen, along with an adult assistant with experience working with food and children. Lynley is certified in First Aid and CPR. 

We'll post status and pics each day on social media, so parents can follow along:

Questions? Email me at lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

Hope you can join us!! This is gonna be fun!

Please note that photographs and/or video may be taken at Adventure Kitchen classes and events. If you'd rather not appear in these, just let us know. Thanks!