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86 Walnut Street
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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

CULINARY ADVENTURE CAMP Week 1 (July 8-12, 2019)

Summer Camp

ALL WEEKS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! Join us for culinary madness in Adventure Kitchen summer camps! Ages 8-14 in the Montclair, NJ area. Taste and explore your way around NYC in Adventure Camp, or spend the day cooking and eating in Cooking Camp!

CULINARY ADVENTURE CAMP Week 1 (July 8-12, 2019)

sold out

CULINARY ADVENTURE CAMP Week 1 (July 8-12, 2019)


Theme: NYC World Tour

Full day, lunch included, 6th-9th grades


Spend the week exploring the real-world food scene in NYC with us!

Sample cuisines from around the world: Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, trying new foods and also stopping for familiar goodies like ice cream, pastries and other treats.

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Hit the road with us for a week of unique, real-world culinary experiences!  

This Week’s Theme: NYC World Tour

A tour of cuisines from around the world, as we roam around NYC. We’ll walk the city and take public transportation to make new discoveries each day! We'll try new foods from cuisines around the world, and also stop for familiar goodies like ice cream, pastries and more.

Monday: USA Melting Pot

We’ll tour the Union Square Greenmarket, plus head to Ganservoort and/or Chelsea Market for a tasty overview of the world of food.

Tuesday: Asia

We’ll tour Chinatown, plus look for Vietnamese, Filipino and/or Sri Lankan food for lunch.

Wednesday: Africa

We’ll head to The Africa Center in Harlem, and stop by Chef Pierre Thiam’s Teranga for Senegalese food, and possibly also stop for Ethiopian food.

Thursday: The (non-US) Americas

We’re in search of tacos, to find out about nixtamalization of corn and tortilla making. Possible additional stops for Caribbean/Jamaican and/or Peruvian cuisine.

Friday: Europe

We’ll tour Eataly, and possibly also Little Italy, depending on time. Italian or French for lunch, then heading back. 

Check out these pics from previous years:

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change. We'll have tickets and reservations and plans for each day, but this camp takes place in the real world where sometimes things change! Adventure is guaranteed, but no single destination is.

Drop off on Monday at 8:15am; all other days 8:45am. Drop off at Walnut St. train station in Montclair (train departs at 9:08 each morning)

Return to Walnut St. station at 5:04 each day (subject to change depending on unexpected developments). We will send a group text to parents/guardians to confirm pickup time each day.

Lunch will be provided each day, along with some extra tastings and treats. We have selected certain foods and experiences to enrich the kids and give them a memorable culinary foundation. Kids are welcome to bring additional spending money for souvenirs or extra treats that are not included in the day's plans.

This camp is great for adventurous and not-so-adventurous eaters alike! Foodie kids will have much to pique their palates, and there will also be plenty of foods that are familiar and enjoyable to most kids. And no matter what we're eating, we never force or pressure kids to taste anything they don't want to try. Kids who are nervous about finding something they will like to eat are welcome to bring a bag lunch - no shame! Adventure Kitchen is all about joyfully encountering food as a means of discovery and connection, and there will be something for everyone as we have fun exploring the world of food around us.

While we will have destinations in mind for each day, we will also take advantage of unexpected adventures as they arise. Side-trips, finds and surprises are par for the course! We'll be walking and relying on public transportation all week long, so kids should wear sturdy walking shoes, dress for the weather, wear sunblock, bring a water bottle and be prepared to carry their own things themselves.

Lynley Jones, owner and creator of Adventure Kitchen.

On Monday, before we depart we'll cover NYC "survival skills" to be sure everyone is comfortable and confident for the adventures ahead. We'll discuss train safety and rules like staying where we can see each other, using the bathroom when you can, and other guidelines to be sure everyone is prepared whether this is their first time in NYC or they're a veteran. We have lots of adventures planned, but we'll take things at a pace that keeps everyone feeling safe and included.

Campers each week are accompanied by Lynley Jones (owner and creator of Adventure Kitchen) and another adult assistant familiar with public transportation. Lynley is certified in First Aid and CPR.

We'll post status and pics throughout the week on social media, and parents are welcome to follow our adventures there:

Questions? Email me at lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

This is gonna be so much fun! Hope you can join us!!

Please note that photographs and/or video may be taken at Adventure Kitchen classes and events. If you'd rather not appear in these, just let us know. Thanks!