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Why Did the CHICKEN Cross the GLOBE? Cooking Camp - 8/6-8/10 2018

Classes & Camps

Join us for culinary madness in Adventure Kitchen summer camps 2018! Explore NYC in Culinary Adventure Camp, or immerse yourself in the Series of Unfortunate Events universe, or travel the world and compete in the Chicken Olympics!

Why Did the CHICKEN Cross the GLOBE? Cooking Camp - 8/6-8/10 2018

Summer Camp Website Pages (4).png
Summer Camp Website Pages (4).png

Why Did the CHICKEN Cross the GLOBE? Cooking Camp - 8/6-8/10 2018


8:30am-2pm, lunch included, ages 8-14

Everybody likes chicken! And every nation on Earth eats chicken. So don't be chicken: cook and eat chicken dishes from around the globe, and a new dessert each day. Plus, team up to compete in the 2018 Chicken Olympics!

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Camp is located at: Unitarian Universalist Church (kitchen and Fletcher Hall), 67 Church St, Montclair, NJ 07042

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Globe? Summer Camp!

Everybody likes chicken! And every nation on Earth eats chicken in its own delicious way.

Don't be chicken: cook and eat chicken dishes from every continent around the globe, and team up to compete in the 2018 Chicken Olympics - including a cooking competition and more! 

The Chicken Olympics

We'll split into teams for a weeklong competition, with different events each day (some sporty, some culinary, some silly), culminating in a cooking competition on Friday. Medal ceremony will be held at the end of the week. 

The Chicken Crosses the Globe

Monday: Once Upon a Time There Was a Chicken...

Our story begins where the chicken began - in the Philippines, with Chicken Adobo. From there, we travel to India for chicken curry, and north to China for Lucky Chicken to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Tuesday: ...Who Had Magic Powers! 

We'll follow our chicken friend west into Persia and the Middle East, where everyone believes he has magic powers! We'll make a traditional Armenian lemon-chicken soup, then head south into Ethiopia for Doro Wat, where the chicken will tell us if we're ready to get married.

Wednesday: He Took a Trip to Europe...

We'll sail through the Mediterranean and up through France with braised chicken and more. 

Thursday: ...Then Landed in a New World...

We'll cross the Atlantic to arrive with our chicken friend on the island of Hispaniola, where chickens first arrived in the New World. Then we'll enter the glittering city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City); and we'll travel with the Pilgrims to bring some chicken soup to Chief Massasoit.

Friday: ...Where He Won a Gold Medal for Awesomeness. The End!

We'll make all-American fried chicken (and find out where it came from), and hold a cooking competition to complete 2018 Chicken Olympics

Check out these pics from last year's camp:

All food, supplies and equipment is included. Exact daily menu subject to change based on seasonality and availability of ingredients. Feel free to bring your phone or other device to snap and share pics of what you make. 

Adventure Kitchen camps are not allergen-free, but we work hard to accommodate everyone and can often make adjustments as needed. If you have questions about your child's particular food sensitivity, email lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

Adventure Kitchen camps are great for adventurous and not-so-adventurous eaters alike! Foodie kids will have much to pique their palates, but we never force or pressure kids to taste anything they don't want to try. No shame! Adventure Kitchen is all about joyfully encountering food as a means of discovery and connection, and there is usually something for everyone as we have fun exploring the world of food around us.

Camp will be led by Lynley Jones, owner and creator of Adventure Kitchen, along with an adult assistant with experience working with food and children. Lynley is certified in First Aid and CPR. 

We'll post status and pics each day on social media, so parents can follow along:

Questions? Email me at lynley@adventurekitchen.com.

Hope you can join us!! This is gonna be fun!

Please note that photographs and/or video may be taken at Adventure Kitchen classes and events. If you'd rather not appear in these, just let us know. Thanks!