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Bake Sale photo.png

Adventure Kitchen Bake Sale

Our annual community-wide Bake Sale is a fundraising event to benefit hunger relief. 

Adventure Kitchen Community-Wide Bake Sale

May 20, 2017

Thank you for helping to relieve hunger and food insecurity in our neighborhood - or yours!


In the United States today, 13% of all households, and 17% of households with children are food insecure. This means that out of every 10 American households, at least one of them can't be sure they'll have enough food to eat each month. And in some states, it's as high as 2 in 10 households. And believe it or not, this even includes many active-duty military families.

"...people are hungry in this country not because there's not enough food here. ...It's because we don't have the political will to make sure that every single person is fed. We can end hunger in this country." - Chef Tom Colicchio, NPR, 5/1/17 

Don't live nearby? Organize a bake sale in your own community! Or donate to a hunger relief organization serving the United States or internationally.