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Adventures in food for curious cooks.

Waiver and Release (Culinary Adventure Camp Only)

Thank you for choosing Adventure Kitchen for your child! If you have registered for Adventure Camp, this form is required to complete the registration process. Thanks!

Adventure Camp parents: Please read and fill out the form at the bottom. All fields are required. If the form is not completed, your child will not be permitted to participate. Thank you!

1. I acknowledge that I want my child(ren) to participate in recreational activities with ADVENTURE KITCHEN ADVENTURE CAMP. Such activities include but are not limited to transportation to and from events (including public transportation), walking, hiking, and playground horseplay.

2. I understand that the activities my child(ren) will participate in have associated risks and dangers, and that my child(ren) could be injured or die as the result of such risks and dangers and my child(ren)’s participation in the activities.

3. I give my consent to the Adventure Kitchen staff, employees, directors, agents and members to aid my child(ren) until EMS services are available if I am not present to give consent for my child(ren) during an emergency.

4. In consideration of my child(ren) being permitted to participate in the above-described activities, I agree to assume all risks, including both inherent and non-inherent risks, and all responsibility for my child(ren) for any injuries which may result from my child(ren)’s participation in such activities.

5. I further agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless ADVENTURE KITCHEN, its employees, directors, agents, and members, from any and all liability for any damage or injury, cost or expense to my child(ren) (including death) and/or my property which may result from participation in any and all camp activities.

6. I agree not to sue or otherwise make a claim against ADVENTURE KITCHEN, its employees, agents, members and directors for any injury, death, loss or damage to my child(ren) resulting from the acts or omissions of ADVENTURE KITCHEN or its employees in the above described activities.

7. I understand that all participants will be responsible for self-administering all regularly prescribed medications. ADVENTURE KITCHEN, its employees, agents, members and directors will not be responsible for administering regularly prescribed medications.

8. I also agree that if my child(ren) use foul language, narcotics, controlled substances such as alcohol, improper use of cell phones, make sexual comments or engage in sexual or hostile behavior towards anyone he/she/they will be sent home at the parents' expense and not allowed to return.

9. ADVENTURE KITCHEN, its employees, agents, members and directors reserve the right to dismiss a participant for any reason.

10. I agree that the terms of this contract shall also be binding as to my child(ren)’s heirs, personal representatives, and administrators.

11. I understand that this is a contract that limits my legal rights and those of my child(ren), and that waives and releases ADVENTURE KITCHEN from responsibility and blame in the event my child(ren) is/are injured participating in the above-described activities.

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